Hunza Marcopolo inn Hotel


About us

Hunza Marcopolo Inn is established as one of the leading hotels in Northern areas of Pakistan. We are offering quality hospitality, accommodation and a unique holiday experience for all our guests. Whether you are planning to visit Hunza to experience the cultural heritage, adventure tourism or an official business conference. You will get reliable comfort and hospitality in Hunza Marcopolo Inn.

The Hunza Marcopolo Inn hotel is at the exotic and historic location of Pakistan which will give you easy access to the best sites including.

  1. Hunza
  2. Gilgit Baltistan
  3. Khunjerab

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide our guests with outstanding facilities which reflects the ethnic designs. We will maintain the highest standards of services and products in Hunza hotel. Our management and staff of Hunza valley hotel have been properly trained to assure they will meet your requirements professionally.

Our special operating standards allow our management staff to provide extraordinary operating standards beyond the level of our guests’ expectations. We assure that when you leave the Hunza Marcopolo Inn hotel, you will be satisfied with the hospitality and services of our staff.

Proper monitoring

Hunza Marcopolo Inn has the biggest range of facilities available in the Hunza valley hotel. We are committed to developing all the hotel projects with such perfection that will provide you the comfort of home regardless of the outside environment. Our experts are continuously working to improve the construction, planning, and operation of Hunza valley hotel to assure that when you step inside you will know that you have selected the right place. Our hotel is always in perfect condition and they have a modern appeal.

We are sensitive and continuously monitor the interests of the local population and our guests. Our mission is to safeguard the culture, traditions, and heritage of Hunza, so you can experience nature and beauty in its turn form. Even with our future developments, we will assure that purity and beauty of Hunza is not affected.

Protecting our culture and environment

Hunza is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan but unfortunately, the rapid development in the area and construction projects are affecting the beauty of our land. We practice responsible attitude towards energy conversation when it comes to reducing the waste. We practice recycling process to control air emission. Sewage disposal and pollutants to assure that CFSs and other toxic substances will not mix with the pure air and water of Hunza.

Hunza Marcopolo Inn is determined to protect the environment and beauty of Hunza because that is the only way, tourists and guests will experience the beautiful mountain range and fresh air that is not available in the cities.

Hunza Marcopolo Inn is here with the cheap hotel in Hunza. We have the most affordable rates in the area, that will allow you to have the best experience in Hunza without worrying about your budget. You can check our Hunza hotel list and find the location that is most suitable for you.

Marcopolo Inn reflects the grace and elegance of the royal family of Hunza. It was founded by Raja Bahadur Khan,  grandson of Mir Nazeem Khan (KCIE, KCSL), the ruler of Hunza from 1892 to 1938. Raja Hussain Ali Khan son of Raja Bahadur Khan is the present General Manager of Hunza Marcopolo Inn. The Hunza Marcopolo Inn nestles in the delighted Upper Hunza Valley (Gojal) surrounded by breathtaking views of mountain peaks and glaciers. located in the ancient village of Gulmit Hunza, it is on the ancient Silk Route. Only 150 Kms from Gilgit, it is conveniently accessible from the Karakoram Highway.

The Guest Rooms

The Inn’s restaurants and buildings, constructed by Raja Bahadur Khan (grandson of Mir Mohammad Nazeem Khan, KCIE, KCSL and the ruler of Hunza from 1892-1938) reflect a traditional style of architecture. The Inn offers twenty-five clean and comfortable rooms with wall-to-wall carpets, en-suite bathrooms with hot and cold running water that is from a nearby mountain spring. All the rooms face and lead our onto garden lawns with apricot trees, an ancient walnut tree, and flower blossoms.   The Inn offers captivating views of the mighty Karakoram peaks including Topek Dan, Fulfil Peak, the Shatabar glacier and the Hunza river.


The restaurant provides a traditional and elegant atmosphere and offers the guests a wide selection of local and continental dishes cocked by expert chefs in Hunza. Delicacies include traditional pancakes served with mulberry syrup as well as strawberries. Fresh local fruit is readily available in spring and summer an can be picked from the garden.