Gilgit Baltistan

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The Northern area of Pakistan, which is recently known as Gilgit Baltistan is a world of wonderful people and rugged beauty. Came and be surrounded by a landscape of the world’s tallest mountains and the longest glaciers. The people of these lands have added touches of more gently of their beauty to their environment by harnessing glacial water through intricate channels to terrace inhospitable mountain slopes. Their superhuman efforts have transformed rocks and dry sand into rich emerald green oasis. The white water of Gilgit, Hunza and Indus rivers add further credence to this serene environment.

Step through the gate of Hunza Marcopolo Inn Gulmit and you will be walking into a unique way of mountains life that has evolved in relative isolation from the rest of the world. Inside the old wing rooms of Hunza Marcopolo Inn, made from natural materials such as stone, mud and wood, you will fell your needs are considered. Fresh towels, hot water, clean environment, different verity of traditional and international dishes provided within a tradition of hospitality that has greeted travelers on the ancient Silk Route since the 2nd century B.C.

Historically, the area being on being on the crossroad of central, south and East Asia, traders and invaders of different of different cultures and religions have left their traces. Buddhist pilgrims from Tibet marked the area during their occupations between the 5th and 7th centuries B.C while giving birth to Tantric Buddhism. Marco Polo traveled eastward into China from here during the 13th century. These small mountain kingdoms were invaded by the Kashmiris in the 19th century who brought their own culture to this land. The first European explorers reached this area in 1847, and for next 100 years it became the flash point of Asia during the era of the “Great Game” between Russia and the British Empire.

Currently the area forms Pakistan’s northern frontier with China and the recently liberated central Asian republics, across the Wakhan Corridor. Hunza, legendary for the inspiration it provided for the land of Shangri-La, is part of the amazing land, where the people claim descent from the soldiers of Alexander’s army. This complex history has resulted in a variety of ethnic origins – the mix of Caucasians, Mongoloid and Indian features on the faces of the men, women and children are striking. Several distinct local languages- Shina, Wakhi, Broshuski, Khowar and Balti coexist to this day.

While you are here you can use the Hunza Marcopolo Inn Gulmit as your base for trekking. You can walk out into the scenic beauty take photographs, visit historical sites, or just sit under the canopy of stars and listen to the sounds of nature.


Gojal Hunza View Point

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Chithruy is a Wakhi word known as place covered with bushes. It is the best point for Gojal Hunza, view Point. It’s a meadow that nestles in Gulmit Hunza, at an altitude of approximately 4000m above sea level. It is a unique view point from where one can have the perfect view of Atabad Lake or in other words it can be called lake view point because it gives the perfect view of Atabad Lake and its surrounding villages.

Chithruy can be accessed by a nearby village Gulmit Gojal Hunza, that can maximum take two hours and the trek is very steep. The best month for the trek is from June to September because during this period the weather is perfect and there is plenty of foliage there.
Trek lovers can take with them tinned food or they can prepare their own food because they can find plenty of fire wood at Chithruy Gulmit Gojal Hunza. There is spring water at Chithruy but it is very difficult to access so the trekkers can take with them water.

Chitruy Gulmit Hunza, contains bushes, shrubs, high altitude herbal green tea and different kinds of high altitude flowers that are worth seeing and most of the herbs are very useful from medical perspectives that can be used as medicine.

The most enjoyable moment at Chithruy Gulmit Hunza is when you come down from the top because half of it is covered by bushes and half of it is covered with sand. While coming down you can enjoy sand sliding but it needs care and attention because it also contains rocks.

According to locals there is also a long trek from Chithruy that directly leads to Altit Hunza but that trek is difficult because there is risk of avalanches and landslides. The nearest meadow to Chithruy is Chindirkin Goze, that takes almost two hours steep trek to reach there and this place is worth seeing that contains lush green landscapes covered with high- altitude flowers and herbs. It also contains dozens of springs. From Chindirkin Goze you can view the nearest glacier called Chithruy Glacier.

Yak Polo, traditional game of Shimshal Hunza

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Hunza valley, a black hole for tourists, contains unique places that are significant from cultural perspectives and Shimshal is one of those places in upper Hunza where the culture and traditions have been preserved by the local people.

Different traditional games are played in Shimshal Hunza which is passed on to them by their ancestors. Yak Polo, traditional game of Shimshal Hunza  is one of the traditional games that is played in Shimshal Hunza and this game gives joy and thrill to the players and even the spectators.

There is an interesting story behind this game and according to local historians, a man named “Sher” who was the son of Mamu Singh, the first man who discovered Shimshal Hunza, played a Polo match against the Chinese Army to win a part of Shimshal pass which connects with China.

The Chinese Army had horses to play but Mr. Sher had no Horse so he played Polo on Yak and fortunately he won the polo match against the Chinese Army. Mr. Sher also won a part of land near the Shimshal pass for the people of Shimshal Hunza.

In the remembrance of that historical achievement by Sher, people of Shimshal Hunza celebrate Yak Mela every year. This event is celebrated for two days where different teams participate with their Yaks to win the “Sher Trophy.”

How it would be when you will witness a Polo match played on Yaks at an altitude of 4400m above the sea level? A lush green grassy ground surround by snow capped mountains gives a fascinating view. It is a very unique event celebrated in August every year.Yak Polo, traditional game of Shimshal Hunza has been the most famous game of the area for centuries and the biggest attraction for tourists visiting the area.

Hunza water

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As said by famous Romanian scientist Dr. Patrick Flanagan “water is the most important thing that you put into your body, but not all water is equal.”  He went to a long journey towards the land of wonders, Hunza, to reveal the secret behind the long life of people.  He revealed that the secret was miracle water known as ‘Hunza Water’.

Hunza water contains silicate minerals which originates from glaciaciers and according to Flanagan Hunza water, has unique characteristics that make it miracle water called Hunza Water. It also contains unique tiny silica, natural colloids and other anomalous properties that help in nutrition absorption and cellular hydration.

Hunza water contains Silica minerals known as Flanagan Micro-cluster that reduces the surface tension of the water and increases the zeta potential and transforms the water into biological water, which is very useful to human body.

People of Hunza are blessed with good health and longevity that makes them very unique and tough in characteristics.  It energizes our body, cleanses our organs and provides free electrons to fuel. Mostly we think that water is same in terms of colors but it differs everywhere in terms of quality and elements from place to place. One unique element, the crystal energy this helps human body to resist the aging process.

Silk Route Festival 2014 is set to be celebrated as a mega event in Gilgit-Baltistan

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The ancient Silk Route was one of the ancient trade routes of the world that was used for the promotion of trade between several nations. Also famous as “cultural route,” it acted as a bridge between different cultures and people of diverse backgrounds.

Silk Route is the greatest route in the history of mankind. The southern route (modern route) touches different cultures stretched from the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan to China. Geographically Gilgit-Baltistan is located very uniquely because it borders China, Afghanistan, Kashmir and the area was influenced by the neighboring countries culturally.

The Silk Route festival, a branded festival celebrated each year in Gilgit-Baltistan from the last several years, awaits tourists and visitors this year. The festival will see artisans from diverse backgrounds perform their artworks. Folk singers and folk dancers will perform their skills that are worth seeing and the visitors will definitely enjoy the show.

Local handicrafts will also be displayed in form of a craft bazaar where all kinds of crafts will be displayed. Food and fruit stalls will offer tourists the opportunity to taste traditional and local dishes.

Sports events will also arranged where tourists can enjoy the local games, especially polo that is specially arranged for the foreign tourists. For nature lovers, the scenic beauty of the valleys in Gilgit-Baltistan will offer a memorable opportunity. Tourists will be able to enjoy camping and open air restaurants.

The concluding ceremony usually takes place in Gulmit Gojal Hunza, where it has been celebrated with zest and zeal over the years. The local community plays a vital role in organizing the event with hundreds of volunteers working round the clock to make the event more colorful, successful and memorable one for tourists. Hunza Marcopolo Inn staff welcomes you to the lifestyle you deserve; join us this year to enjoy the festival and hopefully you will take pleasant memories.

This year’s Silk Route is expected this fall. Bookings will be open and you can know about the package by visiting on the facebook page link. We will keep posting updates about the 2014 Silk Route Festival.

Welcome to to Hunza Marcopolo Inn’s News Website

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Hello visitor, thanks for stopping by our website. We are glad to present the latest website of Hunza Marcopolo Inn Gulmit. The old website was developed in 2010 and there was a strong need to equip the website with new technologies and conventions. Our new website is developed by Centangle Interactive, an Islamabad based digital media agency. The website is built using a hotel theme for WordPress platform.

The new website has a responsive design which means it can be viewed on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones with compatible layouts. We have also added a more advanced booking system that will give you real-time access to the hotel’s online reservation facility.

On the events page, you can get all the information related to traditional and other events that are celebrated in Gulmit Hunza and the Hunza valley regions of Gilgit-Baltistan in the north of Pakistan.

Another great addition to the hotel’s website is the blog feature through which we will publish the latest updates and articles about the many things that the region Hunza valley offers.

testimonial section has also been made part of the new website. We have featured and will continue to add comments and suggestions of our valuable guests.

Other features of the new website include information pages, galleries and a dedicated section for the cultural museum.

Last but not the least, there is a TripAdvisor review system that will let our guests post their reviews. We will continue to follow these reviews so that we blend each facility at the hotel.

Our social media profiles will now be more active than ever so, follow us and stay tuned as we bring you the glimpse of Gulmit Gojal Hunza and the Hunza valley.