Event Time: No time set / Event Location: Gulmit, Gojal Hunza

Chineer is a harvesting festival usually celebrated on the first week of July in Upper Hunza, when barley crop is ripened.

In the mountainous region there is only one season for crops and that is stored for the rest of the year that is why this festival is celebrated with joy.

Early in the morning head of the family along with the family members move towards the barley field carrying a special traditional food. Flour is sprinkled on the bunch of barley and then it is uprooted. Grains are extracted from the bunch and then roasted which is served with yogurt. The whole family has to taste from that yogurt. After that the whole family greets each other saying “Chineer Mubarak”. At day all the villagers gather at a common place and local dishes are served. At last they all pray for better crops and thanks Allah for the blessings.