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Chithruy is a Wakhi word known as place covered with bushes. It is the best point for Gojal Hunza, view Point. It’s a meadow that nestles in Gulmit Hunza, at an altitude of approximately 4000m above sea level. It is a unique view point from where one can have the perfect view of Atabad Lake or in other words it can be called lake view point because it gives the perfect view of Atabad Lake and its surrounding villages.

Chithruy can be accessed by a nearby village Gulmit Gojal Hunza, that can maximum take two hours and the trek is very steep. The best month for the trek is from June to September because during this period the weather is perfect and there is plenty of foliage there.
Trek lovers can take with them tinned food or they can prepare their own food because they can find plenty of fire wood at Chithruy Gulmit Gojal Hunza. There is spring water at Chithruy but it is very difficult to access so the trekkers can take with them water.

Chitruy Gulmit Hunza, contains bushes, shrubs, high altitude herbal green tea and different kinds of high altitude flowers that are worth seeing and most of the herbs are very useful from medical perspectives that can be used as medicine.

The most enjoyable moment at Chithruy Gulmit Hunza is when you come down from the top because half of it is covered by bushes and half of it is covered with sand. While coming down you can enjoy sand sliding but it needs care and attention because it also contains rocks.

According to locals there is also a long trek from Chithruy that directly leads to Altit Hunza but that trek is difficult because there is risk of avalanches and landslides. The nearest meadow to Chithruy is Chindirkin Goze, that takes almost two hours steep trek to reach there and this place is worth seeing that contains lush green landscapes covered with high- altitude flowers and herbs. It also contains dozens of springs. From Chindirkin Goze you can view the nearest glacier called Chithruy Glacier.

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