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As said by famous Romanian scientist Dr. Patrick Flanagan “water is the most important thing that you put into your body, but not all water is equal.”  He went to a long journey towards the land of wonders, Hunza, to reveal the secret behind the long life of people.  He revealed that the secret was miracle water known as ‘Hunza Water’.

Hunza water contains silicate minerals which originates from glaciaciers and according to Flanagan Hunza water, has unique characteristics that make it miracle water called Hunza Water. It also contains unique tiny silica, natural colloids and other anomalous properties that help in nutrition absorption and cellular hydration.

Hunza water contains Silica minerals known as Flanagan Micro-cluster that reduces the surface tension of the water and increases the zeta potential and transforms the water into biological water, which is very useful to human body.

People of Hunza are blessed with good health and longevity that makes them very unique and tough in characteristics.  It energizes our body, cleanses our organs and provides free electrons to fuel. Mostly we think that water is same in terms of colors but it differs everywhere in terms of quality and elements from place to place. One unique element, the crystal energy this helps human body to resist the aging process.

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  • zar muhammad April 20, 2016 at 7:44 am

    the findings of Dr. Fllanagan are no doubt, very true as we have personally observed same happenings like the milky gracial fresh water, people aging in abour hundred years living active life and the organic fruits in variety of taste and types are matchless blessings of God the almighty


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