A museum plays a vital role in conserving and exhibiting the most important artifacts and other objects of any region, making it a complete institution in itself. Museums in Hunza have played the key role to prevent the unique culture of Hunza and Among those museums in Hunza, Hunza Marcopolo Inn’s  Museum has preserved the unique and interesting culture of the Gojal valley. Hunza Marcopolo Inn’s Cultural Museum in Hunza is housed in an old, traditional home within the vicinity of the hotel in Hunza. The museum has got a variety of ancient artifacts and other historical objects on display. The Hunza Marcopolo Inn museum depicts the cultural heritage of Upper Hunza. It was founded by Mr. Raja Bahadur Khan in the mid-80s. Raja Sahib was a tour guide with Walijs Travels at the time of the founding of the museum. Mr. Khan, who led an expedition team to Nanga Parbat in his youth, still has a great passion for conserving artifacts. The president of Wajlis Travels and Chairman Pakistan Tourism Corporation visited Gulmit Gojal, Hunza, in 1983 and suggested Mr. Khan start a museum in his old traditional Wakhi house. Mr. Khan was thrilled by the idea and started collecting artifacts, traditional dresses and other objects, including Hunza’s historical musical instruments, ancient cooking utensils, and weapons. Finally, Mr. Khan’s personal efforts became fruitful and the museum in Hunza became operational without any outside help. Hunza Marcopolo Inn’s Cultural Museum in Gulmit, Hunza, has a unique collection of stuffed snow leopard, firearms, gems and historical guns. One of the guns on display in the museum is said to have wounded a British commander during The Great Game in Nilt in 1891. Marcopolo Inn’s Cultural Museum in Hunza is worth seeing and it’s always open for our guests.