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Hunza valley, a black hole for tourists, contains unique places that are significant from cultural perspectives and Shimshal is one of those places in upper Hunza where the culture and traditions have been preserved by the local people.

Different traditional games are played in Shimshal Hunza which is passed on to them by their ancestors. Yak Polo, traditional game of Shimshal Hunza  is one of the traditional games that is played in Shimshal Hunza and this game gives joy and thrill to the players and even the spectators.

There is an interesting story behind this game and according to local historians, a man named “Sher” who was the son of Mamu Singh, the first man who discovered Shimshal Hunza, played a Polo match against the Chinese Army to win a part of Shimshal pass which connects with China.

The Chinese Army had horses to play but Mr. Sher had no Horse so he played Polo on Yak and fortunately he won the polo match against the Chinese Army. Mr. Sher also won a part of land near the Shimshal pass for the people of Shimshal Hunza.

In the remembrance of that historical achievement by Sher, people of Shimshal Hunza celebrate Yak Mela every year. This event is celebrated for two days where different teams participate with their Yaks to win the “Sher Trophy.”

How it would be when you will witness a Polo match played on Yaks at an altitude of 4400m above the sea level? A lush green grassy ground surround by snow capped mountains gives a fascinating view. It is a very unique event celebrated in August every year.Yak Polo, traditional game of Shimshal Hunza has been the most famous game of the area for centuries and the biggest attraction for tourists visiting the area.

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